dri snapshot updated libshadow. Weird Radeon lockup.

Alex Deucher alexdeucher at gmail.com
Mon Apr 3 21:59:22 PDT 2006

On 04 Apr 2006 00:31:50 -0400, Greg Stark <gsstark at mit.edu> wrote:
> Felix Kühling <fxkuehl at gmx.de> writes:
> > I didn't find ivtv* in the modular Xorg tree, so I assume it's something
> > external. In short, if you want to use it with the snapshots, you'll
> > have to rebuild it against Xorg CVS, at which point you may as well use
> > Xorg from CVS instead of the snapshots.
> To get the most recent r300 drivers do I just get Xorg from CVS from x.org? Or
> do I go to dri.freedesktop.org and merge this into xorg somehow?

libshadow is part of the Xserver so you'd need a new Xserver and a new
radeon ddx, and to build your ivtv driver against the new Xserver.  
There are 3 parts to a DRI enabled Xorg driver:
1. DRI enabled DDX (handles 2D, Xv, card setup, etc.).  "radeon" ddx
supports all radeons, developed in xorg cvs
2. mesa 3D driver (translates openGL to card's 3D engine). radeon,
r200, r300 specific drivers, developed in mesa cvs
3. drm (kernel modular with arbitrates secure access to the hardware).
 "radeon" drm supports all radeons, developed in dri cvs.

Each is built separately (although xorg cvs requires the mesa source).


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