glib dependency for the X Server

Dave Airlie airlied at
Mon Apr 3 20:38:38 PDT 2006

> >
> > Do we really want to continue to encourage closed X?
> X is more free if it isn't restricted by (L)GPL. If no one can sell closed
> copies of it in embedded systems for money, then no one will be motivated
> to maintain and improve it for diverse and/or limited hardware. Instead, it
> will degenerate to being a slow bloated cpu and memory hog.

I'd thought I'd learned better than to join stupid crack threads, but wtf..

I'm not seeing a huge amount of contributing back from these closed
copies used in embedded systems, so give me a reason why I should
care? if people want to contribute back they will no matter what, if
they don't want to they won't unless you kick their asses with a

My main customer here uses Mesa/miniglx in a lot of projects, I'd
guess if I wasn't involved the code would rarely make it back out the
door into the Mesa tree because it is MIT licensed so why should they


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