Better lists? (Was: glib dependency for the X Server)

Ray Strode halfline at
Mon Apr 3 18:07:39 PDT 2006

> > What's disappointing here is that having the do NULL pointer checks on
> > list element pointers was solved 20 years ago on the Amiga.
> I was almost going to say the same...  Are we the only ones who
> find the glib list API so clumsy and error prone?  The only time
> I used them I've spent quite some time debugging memory corruption
> bugs caused by subtle mistakes like forgetting to re-assign the
> list head in glib.
Note glib provides a wrapper around GList called GQueue that you might
like better.  It manages the head pointer for you, keeps track of the
list length, and keeps a tail pointer for O(1) appends.

(getting pretty far offtopic though)


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