XGL DPMS support and XV acceleration

Ioannis Nousias s0238762 at sms.ed.ac.uk
Mon Apr 3 12:36:07 PDT 2006

Ioannis Nousias wrote:
> sorry if this is a re-occurring subject.
> Does Xgl support DPMS?
> Running "xset -q" on my xgl build reports:
> DPMS (Energy Star):
>  Display is not capable of DPMS
> is this a configuration problem or Xgl is indeed not capable of DPMS?
> I've read somewhere on the list (I can't find it now) that hardware 
> overlay is not used in Xgl. If I'm not mistaken, isn't "xv" (X-Video) 
> the interface for hardware overlay? What does the xgl server option 
> "-accel xv" do?
> using "mplayer -vo xv" on my nvidia equipped laptop runs extremely 
> slow. I've tried these xgl options:
> "-accel xv"
> "-accel xv:pbuffer"   and
> "-accel xv:fbo"
> and I get the same results.
> "mplayer -vo gl2" is fine (although not as good as using xv on a 
> normal Xorg xserver)
> regards,
> Ioannis
> PS: this is the configure options I use for building xgl:
> PKG_CONFIG_PATH=/opt/Xgl/lib/pkgconfig ./autogen.sh --enable-xgl 
> --disable-xorg --disable-xprint --enable-glx --enable-dri 
> --with-mesa-source=/tmp/mesa --with-release-snap=1 --disable-dmx 
> --disable-xvfb --disable-xnest --enable-xglx --enable-xkb 
> --disable-kdriveserver --prefix=/opt/Xgl
> my xorg.conf file has Option "DPMS" "on" both in Device and Monitor. 
> DPMS works fine in normal Xorg xserver
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anyone that can give me an answer here please?!

is DPMS support broken in Xgl?

thank you in advance,

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