Fedora Core 5 S3/S3Virge problems.

Crazy AMD K7 100megabit at mail.ru
Mon Apr 3 09:37:19 PDT 2006

Hello all Fedora Core 5 and Xorg users and developers.

I have upgraded from Fedora Core 4 to Fedora Core 5.
I have 3 videocards. Nvidia, S3 and S3virge.
Any card wasn't understand by anaconda during setup.
I have copied working xorg.conf from FC4 - Doesn't work!
X are started, the screen is black, no mouse pointer or cursor.
Changing of console CTRL+ALT+F1... dosn't work.
CTRL+ALT+BACKSPACE dosn't work, too.
CTRL+ALT+DEL makes computer to reboot in 1-2 minutes.
Concerning Nvidia videocard the problem was that the name of
videodriver had changed from "nvidia" to "nv".
Concerning S3 and S3virge everything is ok, according man s3virge, but
it doesn't work :(((((
Please help.


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