I just love those modular announces

Alexander Shopov ash at contact.bg
Mon Apr 3 08:29:04 PDT 2006

Yep, I am raising the noise level a bit, but it is a risk I will take today.

Those modular announce just o'erbrim my heart with joy.

Go X-ers, go - early and often.

I hope we will get similar announcement frequency by video card 
developers one day as well.

How warming the modularization has turned to be for the glacial X 
development of yore!

And one day I will be telling my grand children that there was time, 
long-long time ago, in a galaxy fa..
(oops, wrong story)
that even the mailing lists were closed, and released were paleolithic.[1]

Blah - enough noise for today. The glib thread suffices.[2]

Silence is golden but I have endnotes to spend.

Kind regards:

[1] But it is already third of April and suggesting a MONOlythic 
approach could have been interpreted as a late fools[2] X rewriting 
attempt in C#.

[2] It would have been an all years-round foolishness, not just April's

[3] I am all for using glib in X as is is well maintained, has lots of 
users and uses, lots of supported platforms, compilers and fixing the 
abort() issue will hopefully turn out to be easier than any other way.
Not that my opinion is the one that will be of importance.

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