glib dependency for the X Server

Alan Cox alan at
Mon Apr 3 02:12:44 PDT 2006

> In Eric's proposal Glib gets linked into the X server: you need it to 
> run the server.
> This is not at all the case with the C compiler (or with autotools and 
> other [L]GPL like code already used).

It appears nobody in this discussion has ever looked at the things they
are discussing, which is a bit worrying given what is being discussed.
The GNU C compiler does indeed link compiler related code into the X
server and that code, like all code, is licensed.

Sucking glib into the X server itself shouldn't cause any problems
directly but it isn't present on some of the platforms X builds on at
the moment and its another dependancy on a library outside of X.

The LGPL v BSD aspect of it appears to be pure politics.


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