X.org does not display euro, tilde, "]" & "[" are incorrect on Dutch Keyboards

Mike A. Harris mharris at www.linux.org.uk
Thu Jun 30 11:47:02 PDT 2005

A user has reported to us that the included Dutch keyboard layout
does not work properly on a real Dutch keyboard.  Other sources
have confirmed to me that Dutch keyboards are very rare, seemingly
only available as an option from IBM.

In the interest of resolving the issue ASAP, I have filed a bug
in Xorg bugzilla, which I've just added an updated patch to that
applies to 6.8.2 cleanly:


The following thread seems to indicate these changes seem to
be correct:


It also seems to be notoriously difficult to find an image of
a real dutch keyboard, and research with google suggests that
due to the obscure layout, it has mostly been abandoned in
favour of the us_intl layout by Dutch people.  I've discussed
it with a few Dutch people as well, of whom only 1 out of 4
people indicated they've only seen a real Dutch keyboard once
in their life.  ;o)

So, if anyone could confirm the proposed changes are in fact
correct, or can provide an "official" picture of a real Dutch
keyboard, I'd appreciate it if you could please indicate so
in a followup to bug #3544.

Thanks in advance.

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