ATI Radeon video performance drop when laptop heating up

Roland Scheidegger rscheidegger_lists at
Wed Jun 29 14:12:25 PDT 2005

Jean-Michel POURE wrote:
> Dear all,
> I am using xorg 2.6.8 on an ASUS laptop with a Radeon Mobility M7 LW graphic 
> card. The laptop is configured with Debian + Ubuntu xorg packages. 
> I was too lazy to install xorg from source.
> xorg is configured with DRI and XV. Playing a DVD under xine only consumes 40% 
> of the computer activity. But when the laptop warms up, activity climbs to 
> 100%. 
> The performance of OpenGL software (like glxgeras) stays the same, but 
> performance of video playback drops dramatically.
> Are you aware of any relation between a laptop temperature and the performance 
> of a video card? Is there a way to playback video with good quality, even 
> when the laptop heats up?

 From the description it looks to me like the cpu would do clock 
throttling. Does the notebook have a P4? These cpus are not suited for 
notebooks at all, and if the manufacturer fails to fulfill the cooling 
requirements that can happen. Or maybe the fan control or something like 
that isn't working like it should.


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