How to change the X view port!

Carlos Eduardo Rodrigues Diogenes cerdiogenes at
Mon Jun 27 18:56:10 PDT 2005

Carlos Eduardo Rodrigues Diogenes wrote:

> Keith Packard wrote:
>>> So, what I want to know is if we have some way in X or if it can be 
>>> easely implemented to chage the part of the screen that is clipped 
>>> and send to display, so when the user move the pointer in direction 
>>> of the magnified screen, the pointer don't go in the magnified 
>>> screen, but the half screen start to appear? What I think that must 
>>> be done is change the origin clipping coordinate to be clipped foward.
>> Have you looked at my demonstration of a full-screen magnifier
>> application called 'diopter' in /cvs/xapps on  I built
>> this as a demonstration for the FSG accessibility workshop last January
>> in Hawaii.
>> It shows a full-screen magnifier that passes input to the underlying
>> windows using an updated version of the Shape extension.
> I try to run it and I get the following error:
> error 2 request 78 minor 0
> error 8 request 1 minor 0
> error 3 request 128 minor 1
> Segmentation fault
> Do you know what it can be???
> Carlos.

In what version of X Window System do you run diopter... I try to debug 
to see where the error is occuring and discovery that it's occurrin 
after the calls to XCreateColormap, XCreateWindow and 
XShapeCombineRectangles and Segementation fault is being emitte when a 
call to XRenderCreatePicture is made, but I don't know mucho about the 
internals of X and can't imagine where the error can be.

I search for the erros that is printed by X, but I don't find anything, 
can anyone give me any tip of what this error message is saying???


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