GLX 1.3 support?

Aric Cyr aric.cyr at
Mon Jun 27 01:39:13 PDT 2005

I was just wondering if there was any progress or planned work to
update the server's GLX implementation to 1.3.?  It looks like about
half of the work is already done, since the GLX_SGIX_fbconfig
extension is already implemented, as is glX*Pixmap.  The only things I
can see missing (based on current Xorg CVS) is glX*Drawable()
functions and PBuffer related stuff.
The only thing I can think of is that the PBuffer stuff might be
difficult to implement.

If there is some technical (or legal?) reason for not having this
implemented yet, I'd be interested in learning it.  I'd be willing to
start working on implementing this myself.  If anyone has any
recommendations on how to proceed, I am open for suggestions.

Aric Cyr <Aric.Cyr at gmail dot com>    (

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