Bora Sahin bora.sahin at
Thu Jun 16 14:32:01 PDT 2005


Thursday, June 16, 2005, 11:10:23 PM, you wrote:

Egbert> Jonas Melian writes:
 >> Is possible access directly to ddc using libddc.a only? Without loading
 >> some video driver

Egbert> No - with vbe it could be done pretty generically. Howerver vbe requires
Egbert> structures set up by the driver.

Then, dont he use xf86DoEDID_DDC2() after loading I2C module? For example I did in a PPC based
system and as it seems it works...

       if (pSmi->I2C)
          xf86SetDDCproperties(pScrn, xf86PrintEDID(xf86DoEDID_DDC2(pScrn->scrnIndex, pSmi->I2C)));


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