ATI mobility radeon 9700 trouble

Jerome Glisse j.glisse at
Thu Jun 16 00:57:11 PDT 2005

On 6/15/05, Fanda Vacek <fanda.vacek at> wrote:
> I have notebook asus A4800K with ATI mobility radeon 9700 and Linux kernel
> 2.6.11. I'm using Xorg 8.6.2
> and GNU radeon or ati driver. I also don't need a openGL. Drivers work
> withouth acceleration fine, only the thin horizontal strips
> appears on the screen. Not to offten but more and more. Please don't you
> know what does it means? Shall I try 2.6.12 kernel? Is it
> common bug or my only?

This may be related to white line we see with 3d acceleration.
The fix is to program some memory config register. But for
time being i don't think anypatch have been provided for xorg.

Maybe for fixing the lockup of radeon 9800 we will have to
add some setup in xorg driver and thus program this register
that will likely fix this things you seing.

Btw i don't think a kernel 2.6.12 could fix this but with
strange interaction it could...

Jerome Glisse

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