render improvements

Lars Knoll lars at
Wed Jun 15 13:53:44 PDT 2005

On Wednesday 15 June 2005 21:57, Keith Packard wrote:
> On Wed, 2005-06-15 at 20:32 +0200, Lars Knoll wrote:
> > I'll try to convince him :)
> You don't have to convince him, just make sure your own emacs
> configuration can be set to leave my X server files alone :-)
> > The problem is that both inside Trolltech and KDE it is the default to
> > remove white space at end  of lines when saving. I'll see if I can remove
> > the hook that does this for C code.
> This policy seems misguided to me, but then I spend a lot of time lookin
> at CVS diffs, for which changes of this nature are evil.

Well, as long as everyone uses this, you won't see any problems. That's the 
case for KDE and Qt. As I said, I'll make sure my emacs leaves them alone for 

> > As a reference I attached the patch without the white space changes. It
> > basically correctly implements projective transformations (I
> > misunderstood this and only implemented affine ones before), fixes some
> > bugs in the transformation code and has a  small fix in the convolution
> > code.
> Ah, note that the provided diff is also hard to read because there are
> some *important* whitespace changes that it ignores.  That's just as bad
> as including white space changes which aren't important.  I refer here
> to whitespace changes which affect how the code is indented.

True, but it's at least a bit better.

> > I also expanded some code to get somewhat smaller and faster inner loops.
> > This is not very relevant at the moment as the framebuffer reads are
> > limiting us, but in the long run with DMA support it will probably start
> > to matter.
> Even in the short term we should be able to get the x server to be a lot
> smarter about where pixmaps get put so that we don't spend a lot of CPU
> cycles waiting for pixels to trickle across the AGP bus.

Yes. I've just seem something today that looks very promising here :)

> Thanks again.

You're welcome. I hope I the gradient support (this time hopefully without 
whitespace issues) ready in time for the conference.


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