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Keith Packard keithp at
Wed Jun 15 12:52:53 PDT 2005

On Wed, 2005-06-15 at 19:37 +0200, Zack Rusin wrote:

> This is an artifact of our emacs configurations. It's only a problem because 
> the freedesktop cvs script generates funky patches.

No, the freedesktop CVS script shows the entire patch, not
just the 'non-whitespace' changes.

>  We could remove it but a 
> lot more general and proper fix would be to simply add -b -B switches to the 
> script that generates the diff on the server.

No.  I want to see whitespace changes because these
may well mark errors in old or new code

	if (foo)
-		bletch;
+	bletch;

is rather important to see.

Where whitespace makes the code ambiguous or possible wrong, a patch
that fixes that would be fine, but automatically modifying code in
invisible ways doesn't seem to me to have any value at all.


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