[Mesa3d-dev] Re: recent changes to Xgl

Ian Romanick idr at us.ibm.com
Tue Jun 14 10:44:35 PDT 2005

Matthias Hopf wrote:

> Short explanation: in former times you had to look up function pointers
> with glProcAddressARB(), while in newer standards (1.4 AFAIR) the
> function pointer is called glProcAddress(), and the ARB variant is no
> longer allowed to exist! At least the prototypes have vanished, I doubt
> the function entry in the libraries will vanish soon (to remain
> backwards compatible), but that could change...
> I don't exactly understand what the ARB drove to nuke the ARB function
> prototype. It really made portable programming a lot more difficult.

I'm pretty sure that any libGL that claims to support GLX 1.4 or later
*must* have both glXGetProcAddress and glXGetProcAddressARB for
*exactly* the reasons you site.  If the prototype glXGetProcAddressARB
disappeared, it is probably an accidental quirk of the way glxext.h gets
generated at SGI.  We may end up needing to put the prototype in our
glx.h.  In any case, I'll look into it.

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