[Mesa3d-dev] recent changes to Xgl

Brian Paul brian.paul at tungstengraphics.com
Tue Jun 7 19:17:26 PDT 2005

David Reveman wrote:
> I committed a large set of changes to the xserver tree earlier today.
> Pbuffers are no longer used by Xgl for offscreen rendering and indirect
> GLX should now be working much better.
> As no other server than Xgl is using the GLX code in the xserver tree,
> I've committed the changes needed to build Xgl with GLX support. This
> includes a preliminary implementation of GLX_MESA_render_texture (I'll
> send another mail regarding this shortly).
> The following set of patches will need to be applied to Mesa CVS in
> order to build the xserver tree with GLX support.
> mesa-driver-x11-fbo-span-fix.diff
> mesa-driver-x11-fbo-back-buffer-fix.diff
> mesa-gl_mangle-fbo-update.diff (As gl_mangle.h is automatically
> generated this isn't the correct fix, but as I couldn't find the source
> to that, I've just done this manually for now)
> please feel free to commit any of these patches.

Done.  Thanks!


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