Question on Mandriva 10.1

The Gasman offthedeepend at
Mon Jun 6 21:41:35 PDT 2005

I tried to power uo my Mandriva 10.1 GUI, but it would not start. Instead, It went to the dark screen and I tried to log
in from there. This is what happened:

I logged in with my user name
I logged in with my password,

>typed startx--gave me a "fatal server error"--failed to initialize core devices
>typed gdm --gave me only root wants to run gdm
>typed kdm--gave me only root wants to run kdm
>typed wdm--gave me command not found
>also when starting up two things listed as failing on black screen:
>starting cpufreq--failed
>starting atd--failed

can someone help me out??

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