X.Org Developers Meeting on LinuxTag

Egbert Eich eich at pdx.freedesktop.org
Thu Jun 2 06:09:58 PDT 2005

	        The European X.Org Developers Meeting

The X.Org Foundation is planning its first European Developers Meeting

	       right before LinuxTag in Karlsruhe, Germany 
		      from June, 19th to June, 20th.

The purpose of the conference is to bootstrap a European developers 
We expect to have 5-6 talks a day 3 in the morning and 3 in the
afternoon. This gives plenty of time to add additional presentations
and discussions as well as extensive hacking.
The conference language is English.

Call For Papers
There are still slots open for presentations so if you are interested 
in giving a talk please send the title and a brief abstract to 
Presentations will be accepted until the first day of the conference,
however we encourage you to contact us early as interest is great.

Attending the conference will be free, participants will have to 
pay travel and accommodation. Some funding is available to X.Org 
to sponsor travel and accommodation for people who are unable to 
take care of these expenses themselves. People applying for this 
should be prepared to give a talk. 
When submitting your abstract please indicate if you require funding.

We are still working on getting free admission to the LinuxTag show 
for all those who participate in the conference - at least those who
give a presentation.

Social Event
There will be a social event for all those who participate in the
meeting. Admission is free for those who are giving a presentation
on the meeting.
Please see below for further information.

		         X.Org on LinuxTag

X.Org is also going to have booth on LinuxTag from Wednesday, 
June 22, to Saturday, June 25.

This booth is ment to be a gathering place where developers can 
meet and talk. At the same time people will be available on the 
booth to give demonstrations and to talk to the public. 

We are still looking for people who would like to give an 
X Window System related presentation on the show. Please indicate 
if you are willing to do so and what you would like to present.

Tuesday, June 21 is planned for booth setup for all those who would 
like to give a presentation.
We expect that not all presentations can run simultaniously so once
we get a rough idea of what you have planned to demo we will make 
up a schedule.
You should be prepared to bring your own equipment for your demo
(ie. Laptop etc.), monitors or flat screens should be available 
on the booth, also there will be connectivity on the booth. If you 
need other special equipment that you won't be able to bring along 
we will do our best to provide it. Please indicate with your 
registration if you have special needs.
If you have a logo and/or a poster in your demo please send us 
a PostScript file. We will try to print it and put it on display 
on the booth.

Social Event
Everybody deserves a break!

There will be a social event for the people attending our meeting
or participate in the booth activeties to get together, eat, drink 
and talk.
The social event will take place during LinuxTag right after the 
We don't know the exact location and date, yet. This information 
will be given when available.
The costs will be around EUR 20, for all those who give a 
presentation on our meeting or on the booth, or otherwise help
with our booth activeties admission will be free.
If you are interested in coming please let us know.

Booth Helpers
We are looking for volunteers to help out with booth duty. If you 
are interested please let us know. You will recieve a free X.Org 
LinuxTag T-shirt as a little thank you.

Further Information
Please also visit:
   http://wiki.x.org/wiki/LinuxTagMeeting for updated information!

Please feel free to contact Egbert Eich <eich_at_freedesktop_dot_org>
if you have further questions.

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