X Zoom Extension: Ideas and Suggestions!

Dave Ahlswede mightyquinn at letterboxes.org
Wed Apr 27 08:59:39 PDT 2005

> Given basic magnification, I'd also like to explore different resampling
> algorithms which can improve the appearance of existing applications.
> I've seen some interesting algorithmic pixel selection mechanisms which
> smooth the image while retaining sharp edges of glyphs.  I'm wondering
> if we can't achieve this in hardware by using pixel shaders.  Exploring
> this using the 'luminocity' framework would prove whether it was
> feasible before we have a completed X server architecture which can get
> at this kind of hardware.

While it might ultimately be too slow for real use at GUI environment
resolutions, the hq2x/3x/4x software algorithms do an excellent job of
this, and are quite popular in the emulation community.

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