X Zoom Extension: Ideas and Suggestions!

Carlos Eduardo Rodrigues Diógenes cerdiogenes at yahoo.com.br
Wed Apr 27 08:00:40 PDT 2005


How the accessibility list is dead, I decide to post it here.

I have an idea of an extension, the X Zoom Extension. I'm posting it 
here, because sometimes someone have some good ideas and have thinked in 
this problem.

First, to a Zoom extension be good it have to support split screen. Here 
is my first doubt, it's possible to have an region of the screen that is 
an entirely root screen? Why I think this could help? If it could be 
done, we can redirect the rendering of the real screen to the zoomed 
screen (I don't know if it's possible now too). It is, two screens in 
one monitor, but the zoomed screen will have an diferrent resolution, so 
the things that are rendered there get bigger.

Other thing that I think that is very interesting to this type of 
solution is the fonts of X Window System use SVG, because this way we do 
not have problem in magnifying text, we can maintain the quality. Cairo 
can give some help with this???

If someone have something to say about this, have some tips of what I 
can study to solve the problems that I apresented or if I say somethings 
that are very stupid, share, I will be very thankful.



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