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Owen Taylor otaylor at
Tue Apr 26 09:30:41 PDT 2005

On Tue, 2005-04-26 at 11:42 -0400, Zack Rusin wrote:
> On Tuesday 26 April 2005 09:08, Diego Calleja wrote:
> > It doesn't seems to apply 100%. Or I did something wrong?
> You did something wrong. Of course I can't tell you what because I don't 
> know what was rejected. My guess is that you have some cruft in the 
> fbcompose.c. Do cvs update -PdCA and apply again. 

I get the same reject ... it's harmless though ... just the CVS ID
conflicting in the change to the copyright. It looks like you made
the xorg diff against an older version of fbcompose.c.
Hmm, looking at the rejected diff, shouldn't:

   * Copyright © 2000 Keith Packard, member of The XFree86 Project, Inc.
+  *             2005 Lars Knoll & Zack Rusin, Trolltech

     Copyright 2005 Trolltech
     Authors: Lars Knoll & Zack Rusin

Or something like that? presumably the copyright holder is Trolltech
not you personally. 


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