flush xorg image cache?

Alan Cox alan at lxorguk.ukuu.org.uk
Mon Apr 25 03:56:23 PDT 2005

> That's for Linux/glibc but not for all the other OSes. Additionally only

As I said "I think you mean in Unix"

> relatively long-living memory such as pixmaps should be allocated using
> |mmap()| as this always results in a syscall (AFAIK Jim Gettys said some
> while ago that the Xserver code is a good exercise in avoiding
> syscalls... :) and may require some additional adjustments (for example
> I'd like to force the usage of large pages (64K, 512K, 4M) for pixmap
> memory to save some entries in the TLB).

No commonly used processor has variable sized TLB entries. The x86 has
minimal support for 2 and 4Mb pages but they are not really general
purpose. As for tuning and syscalls you must remember that system
performance is at least as important as app performance.


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