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Sun Apr 24 09:58:25 PDT 2005

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I've got a Palmax PD1100 with the Cyrix MediaGX (Kaluha) "all in one"
chip (cpu, graphics, sound). And, it's got a touchscreen that ought to
be supported by the "palmax" input driver.
It's running Gentoo (kernel and 6.8.2.

The palmax input driver doesn't work (correctly) under X ;-)
The Tap-Button on the lid does work.
But as soon as I touch the screen with the stylus, the cursor jumps to
the top left corner and doesn't move any further.
I've attached a usb imps/2 mouse, and had no problems with it.

Now, as I do get a reaction out of the cursor, but not the expected one,
I suppose the problem is the calibration. For starting, I used the
calibration values from a XF86Config, that I had used in an earlier
install some years ago with Xfree86 3.3 or so (had worked then).
But at that time, there had been a module called "" that I
could load, which isn't there anymore. Has it been replaced by the

When (blindly) changing the values (MaxX, MaxY, MinX, MinX), I sometimes
get a different behaviour (and sometimes even some movement).

Now: Would anybody have a hint as to where I could get the calibration
values from? I remembered a binary called xcalib that would do that for
me in the old installation, but now it just reports "No Palmax
Touchscreen Extension found !!!"

Here's the relevant sniplet from xorg.conf:

Section "InputDevice"
~    Driver        "palmax"
~    Identifier    "Palmax"
~    Option        "Device" "/dev/ttyS0"
# Those values taken from "xf86Palmax.c"
~    Option        "MinX" "8786"
~    Option        "MinY" "7608"
~    Option        "MaxX" "63104"
~    Option        "MaxY" "61592"
~    Option        "BaudRate" "9600"
~    Option        "Screen" "0"
~    Option        "DeviceName" "Palmax Touchscreen"
~    Option        "PortraitMode" "Landscape"
~    Option        "SwapXY" "0"
~    Option        "TapButton" "1"
~    Option        "SendCoreEvents"

Grateful for any pointers
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