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Zack Rusin zrusin at
Mon Apr 18 16:40:16 PDT 2005

On Monday 18 April 2005 17:51, you wrote:
> scanlines don't deal with filters and transforms well at all; I'd
> like to see this code use square patches (8x8 or so) which seems like
> a good fit for both MMX and transforms.

I think i mentioned on irc at some point that I will try this approach 
but I'm wondering what makes you think that they don't deal with 
filters or transforms well. 
I think that at this point basically all image manipulation libraries 
that we have, deal mostly with scanlines. Granted I might be biased 
because of the KImageEffect's code that'd I'd like to scrap for KDE 4 
anyway and in there we operate almost exclusively on scanlines but to 
my knowledge both filters in GIMP and most of the code in Imlib2 
operates on scanlines and ,well, they do it pretty efficiently. 
And given the transformation benchmarks between old and the new code I 
really don't think we'll gain too much by using patches. Personally I 
think that we could gain way more by both reducing and speeding up the 
fb accesses which I'd like to work on now. 


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