Logitech Media Keyboard

Anders Johansson andjoh at rydsbo.net
Sun Apr 17 20:00:55 PDT 2005


Sorry if this has been asked before, I searched but couldn't find any info on 

I'm trying to get the Logitech Media keyboard's media keys working in X.org 
6.8.2 (suse 9.3) with some success. I took the Internet keyboard's xkb 
definitions and modified it, so now I have most keys working.

Except the 'Messenger' key. xev reports it as a mouse button, for some reason. 
Actually two mouse buttons. On key press, xev reports button 4 pressed and 
released, and on key release it reports button 5 pressed and released.

I'm using the 'kbd' driver with Protocol "Standard" and XkbRules "xfree86". 
This is what is used by the Internet Keyboard (according to suse's config) 
but I wonder if perhaps there is another protocol or something that would 
make X understand that the messenger key isn't a mouse button

Did I miss anything?

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