Change list from 6.8 to HEAD, and 7.0 plans

Daniel Stone daniel at
Wed Apr 13 20:32:29 PDT 2005

On Mon, Apr 04, 2005 at 09:25:40PM -0400, Adam Jackson wrote:
> The development plan for modular is basically the bootstrap order: protocol 
> headers, libs, server, apps.  I would expect these to proceed in rough order 
> for each platform, but that different platforms could be at different stages 
> in the process.  Given that, and the above timeline, I would say the 
> following would be worst-case dates for finishing each step:  (note that 
> platform-specific fixes can go in during the release cycle)
> May 13:  headers
> May 27:  libs
> June 10: server
> June 24: apps

Headers are laughably simple, and libraries are very straightforward
too.  Apps are pretty easy because they're not platform-specific, so we
can just have one person going through all of them if we want.

The most difficult aspect, by far, will be the server, since it needs
such intimate knowledge of the machine we're running on.  Hopefully I'll
be back to assist with this in a couple of weeks, but I would encourage
all porting teams to get stuck back into the server, because it's going
to be the most interesting and challenging one, and since so much of it
is platform/architecture-specific, no-one else is going to do it for
your platform.  If you care about it, have a bash at the server.

> That's just over five weeks to have all the headers filled in, which sounds 
> quick.  Balancing this is that it's a fairly mechanical process, we have 
> quite a few hands to do it, and that we have a lot of this already done in 
> the existing proof-of-concept.  I'm up for the challenge, I'm just waiting 
> for the arch group to give me the green light ;).

Was there any conclusion from the arch group discussion?

> It sounds rapid, but it's also almost five months.  If we can't go from open 
> tree to released in five months we're doing something wrong.

Aye aye, captain birdseye.
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