Improvements in X -configure

Jonas Melian jonasmg at
Wed Apr 13 15:20:56 PDT 2005

Alan Coopersmith wrote:
>> 4- Screen
>> To choose the 3 better modes (according to the number of Hertz, 85 or
>> more very well, 75 is ok, 60 ?) for each depth (24, 16, 8, 4).
> The problem with the "higher hz is better" method of picking a mode is
> it often picks worse modes on LCD's, since you get screen sizes that don't
> fit the native resolution well.

Then to use this method ("higher hz is better") only for monitors CRT.

In order to know if a monitor is CRT or LCD/TFT, you get input signal
type (analogic or digital signal) via DDC. 'ddcprobe' tool shows this

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