[Mesa3d-dev] Re: GLX and Xgl

Ian Romanick idr at us.ibm.com
Tue Apr 12 10:18:12 PDT 2005

David Reveman wrote:

> The problem is that with Composite extension present a drawable can at
> any time be redirected to a pixmap. So what do we do if the native GL
> stack can't handle this? With framebuffer objects available we can
> probably always allocate another texture and redirect drawing to it, the
> native GL stack will handle software fall-back if necessary. What do we
> do when framebuffer objects are not available?

When an XVisualInfo is used to create the context (i.e., using 
glXCreateContext) and the pixmap (i.e., using glXCreateGLXPixmap), the 
context *MUST* support rendering to a pixmap.  When using the fbconfig 
interfaces, there is a bit in the fbconfig that specifies whether or not 
the fbconfig can be used with a pixmap.

So, if you make the following call:

const int attribs[] = { GLX_DRAWABLE_TYPE,
                           GLX_WINDOW_BIT | GLX_PIXMAP_BIT,
                         None };


configs = glXChooseFBConfig( dpy, screen, attribs, & num_configs );

The fbconfigs you get back, if any, will all support creating contexts 
that can render to both windows and pixmaps.

I think it is perfectly reasonable for us to require that, in addition 
to the other requirements for available fbocnfigs, any implementation 
support at least one fbconfig that meets those requirements.  This is 
especially true since rendering to pixmaps already has to be supported 
for the pre-1.3 GLX interfaces.

You can be 90+% sure that nobody will hardware accelerate rendering to 
pixmaps.  Of course, that doesn't seem to be a problem for you anyway. ;)

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