Radeon patches against stable branch

Benjamin Herrenschmidt benh at kernel.crashing.org
Tue Apr 12 00:01:45 PDT 2005

Hi !

I've spent today backporting a lot of my bug fixes from HEAD to the
stable branch. I've intentionally not backported what I consider
features like the whole ColorTiling stuff, or DMA Xv, and I may have
missed a couple, but I hope this lot is enough to make the difference on
PowerMacs as well.

I will start opening Bugzilla entries tomorrow or later this week along
with providing proper descriptions for the patches, but in the meantime,
for those who are interested or packaging distros with 6.8.2, here is
the whole lot. I just test compile, I've not actually had time to
properly test yet, though I will hopefully do it as I create the
Bugzilla entries.


The "series" file is a the usual quilt series file containing the list
of patch to apply in order.

The only "missing" one in there (and not in HEAD neither) is the problem
I have with the default TMDS PLL values for RV350. I need to slighlty
change the table for correct result here on a G5 with an Apple 23"
Cinema HD monitor, but the value currently in the driver is what the HW
folks at ATI told Hui to use... so I'm not too sure what to do there.

(Owen: Keep the modified value in YDL, the G5 card definitely need
155000 and not 150000)



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