touchscreen driver.

Mike A. Harris mharris at
Mon Apr 11 11:47:18 PDT 2005

Thomas Zander wrote:
> Hi,
> 2 years ago I wrote a driver for my Paceblade-tablet to allow the 
> touchscreen to work.  I wrote it for X v4.1 or so..
> Yesterday I upgraded and therefore I got CVS HEAD and added my driver there; 
> with a little help on IRC I have my driver up and running again.
> What failed two years ago, I'd like to try again;  are you interrested in 
> placing the input driver in the Xorg repository for everyone to enjoy?
> I'm far from an experienced X11 hacker; the code is quite clean but it sure 
> can do with some general code cleanup from an experienced x hacker.
> Is there interrest in doing this?  Should I work in CVS directly?
> Please comment on how to proceed, thanks.

I just wanted to add a note on top of what others have suggested
already.  When you submit your driver to bugzilla, be sure to
indicate the license terms for the driver.  The X source code
tree is made up mostly of "MIT" style license, and generally
speaking that only MIT licensed code, or could with very similar
license terms is permitted in the tree.

Most people license driver modules as "MIT", so if you have done
so also, there should probably not be any license hassles. ;o)

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