Proposed change to xorgcfg

Jay Cotton Jay.Cotton at Sun.COM
Mon Apr 11 10:18:17 PDT 2005

Kean Johnston wrote:
>>A much better solution would be to have an extra option (which defaults to 
>>yes when omitted) like 'option autoprobeFrequencies'.
> That was exactly what I proposed in my original mail, except I
> used a slightly less verbose keyword 'UseDDC' or somesuch.
> So what I had in mind was:
> if (UseDDC is set AND we got DDC ranges)
>   use DDC probed ranges
> else
>   if ranges specified in the config file
>     use those ranges
>   else
>     fall back to some pesimistic defaults
>   endif
> endif
> Kean
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This look good to me.  Do you already have code?
I could patch up a test server and try it out....


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