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Thomas Zander zander at
Mon Apr 11 09:17:14 PDT 2005

On Monday 11 April 2005 17:47, Mike A. Harris wrote:
> By default, when the horz/vert frequencies get written to the
> config file using libxf86config, the library takes the liberty
> of commenting them out by default.
> The bare fact is, that there are a multitude of reasons why
> DDC may not work, and forcing the end user to hand edit their
> config file is unacceptable.  The config library should be
> a parser and nothing else.  It should not enforce a policy
> one way or the other.

If I may provide a fresh perspective;  the emails I read from this thread 
seem to point to a very different problem that is caused by the legacy of X 
The implied usage of DDC by leaving out frequencies is not really a smart 
move, and certainly not one a designer would make right now it he were to 
redesign this parser.  The new designer would correctly say that implying a 
configuration setting by leaving away some other settings is not just 
unintuitive; it basically makes for a lot harder debugging by configuration 

A much better solution would be to have an extra option (which defaults to 
yes when omitted) like 'option autoprobeFrequencies'.
Setting it to yes means any frequencies placed in the config file are not 
used unless the DDC fails.
Much cleaner since nothing is implied and no user-entered values are ever 
lost due to them being commented out.

This immidiately also means a similar option can be provided in the UI this 
thread seems to be spawned from making everything very clear.

Thomas Zander
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