Proposed change to xorgcfg

Mike A. Harris mharris at
Mon Apr 11 08:47:47 PDT 2005

Kean Johnston wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> I'd like to lobby for a change to xorgcfg. When you configure a
> monitor and select a given set of vert/horiz ranges, when the
> file is saved, those ranges you selected are neatly commented
> out! So the change I would like to make is two-fold:
> 1.  When saving the config file, actually save the real values
>     you selected, don't leave them commented out, and

The way that is worded is kindof confusing, but after reading it
several times I understand what you're requesting and I agree
with it.  In case anyone else was confused too, let me try
to restate it.

By default, when the horz/vert frequencies get written to the
config file using libxf86config, the library takes the liberty
of commenting them out by default.

This is not only annoying, it is just plain broken.  The library
should provide MECHANISM, but it should NOT enforcing a POLICY.

I have filed a bug report about this in xorg bugzilla a while
back, and last I remember the bug was blown off.

It is perfectly reasonable for the application linking to this
library to decide to comment the lines out if the author chooses,
however the library itself should NOT do this.

We have no alternative in our OS but to patch this library
to not comment these lines out by default, in order for our
user's setups to work.

The reason it is the way it is, is because some people seem
to be of the illusion that:

1) DDC probing is always available on every piece of video
    hardware, with every display type.

2) The drivers actually support DDC in all circumstances

3) Users do not use KVM switches that block the DDC signal

The bare fact is, that there are a multitude of reasons why
DDC may not work, and forcing the end user to hand edit their
config file is unacceptable.  The config library should be
a parser and nothing else.  It should not enforce a policy
one way or the other.

> 2.  Add to the list of possible choices the ability to explicitly
>     enable DDC, and perhaps even wording on the screen to suggest
>     it.

I agree, the config tool itself should have an option as to wether
to use DDC or not.  If you select "use DDC" then the config tool
writes out the config file either without putting the freq ranges, or
by putting the ranges in commented out.  If you do not choose
"use DDC", then it writes out the horiz/vert ranges ready to use,
and NOT commented out.

Config tools are supposed to make life easier, not force people to
hand edit the config file after (assuming they have a remote clue
what the problem is and how to fix it).  And libraries should not
enforce policy that could and should be done in the applications that
use that library, in particular something of this nature.

Now that we're an army of 2 with similar thoughts, perhaps we can
cause libxf86config to finally get fixed in CVS.  ;o)

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