Proposed change to xorgcfg

Kean Johnston kean at
Fri Apr 8 12:46:05 PDT 2005

Jay Cotton wrote:
> A good call.  Have you filed a bug ?
I hadn't yet. I wanted to understand why it is the way it is
first :) I suspect at least one reason is this. When you
run -configure, it still does the DDC probe and tries to
ask your monitor what it supports. If then puts in the
v/hsync ranges, but leaves them commented out so that it
will always use the DDC values. Unfortunately, the same
mechanism that used to write the config file by xorgcfg
is used to write the values determined by -configure.

I can see two ways of fixing this. The first I touched
on briefly in my original mail. Something im the montor
section like Option "PreferDDC" <bool>. But from a causal
read through the code it looks like that may be done anyway.
It *looks* as if the server will use the values retruned
by DDC even if you specify alternate values in xorg.conf.
I'll read the code more carefully soon to see if thats the
truth, or perhaps someone who knows can chime in. If it
is NOT the case the the "PreferDDC" option would be useful
to *make* it behave that way. If its set, try DDC, and if
its successful, use the values it finds. If not, use the
values the user specified.

The second way of dealing with it is to train the parser
writer to know the differnce between being invoked by
-configure or xorgcfg. xorgcfg could set some value that
indicates that the options should be written out
uncommented, but -configure doesnt set the option and
writes them commented out.


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