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Tue Apr 5 08:19:55 PDT 2005

> Date: Tue, 05 Apr 2005 07:59:03 -0700
> From: Alan Coopersmith <Alan.Coopersmith at Sun.COM>
> Jonas Gall wrote:
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> >>Thanks Marcus,
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> >>How can I know (in advance) that my window manager supports this property ?
> >>I use dtwm (wich CDE).
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> > 
> > On Solaris (CDE and Gnome) you may use XTSOLgetClientAttributes():
> On Trusted Solaris, not regular Solaris (hence the "TSOL" in the name).
> There's no way I know of on regular Solaris for another client to get
> this information, unless the client being probed supports the _NET_WM_PID
> discussed earlier.   (The server can get it on some OS'es, and has it on
> Solaris for the interactive process priority control extension.   I've made
> dcmds for the Solaris mdb debugger that can print a table of the process ids
> of all local clients, and dtrace hooks to print it out as well on Solaris
> 10, but both of those require root privelege on the machine running the X
> server and only work for local clients.)
> Random thought:  should Xlib simply set the WM_PID on all clients in 
> XOpenDisplay()?   Or would some clients not want it ever set?

Another random thought:  What about doing this in XSetWMProperties rather
                         than XOpenDisplay?


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