nvidia 6200TC + nv + dualhead?

Oliver Lehmann lehmann at ans-netz.de
Mon Apr 4 23:18:27 PDT 2005

Alex Deucher wrote:

> for dualhead you'll need to use nvidia's binary module.  the
> opensource nv driver doesn't support dualhead.  you best bet for
> dualhead with open drivers is a pci-e radeon (e.g., x300, x600, x700).
>  I'm running a dualhead x800 pci-e radeon and it works perfectly.

Oh thats good to know (because there is no nvidia driver for FreeBSD/
It looks like X300SE is the only chipset which provides me a fan-less
card. (There are some X800 cards from gigabyte with heatpipes, but there
are getting to hot in my environment I think).
Will xorg's radeon driver work with a X300SE? I don't think so?

 Oliver Lehmann

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