finding process id of a window

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Mon Apr 4 21:13:56 PDT 2005

Thanks Marcus,

How can I know (in advance) that my window manager supports this property ?
I use dtwm (wich CDE).



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> I have few  X applications, started from the command line with identical
> command line, but each has a different DISPLAY environment variable.
> Is there a way to get the process id of a process from its window ?
> Using xlsclients I can get the command line of the application, but since
> all of them use same command line, I can't find unique process id.
> Thanks for your help.

maybe the _NET_WM_PID property can help here:
please note this will only work if the _NET_WM_PID property can
be accessed and thus a windowmanager doing this is required.


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