Multiple screens.

Peter Ankerstål uchman at
Mon Apr 4 13:53:27 PDT 2005

> Yes, crtc1 is driving both displays.  both the LCD and the VGA port
> are getting the same mode, probably 1024x768 at 60hz.  If you want to run
> the LCD at say 1024x768 at 60hz and the VGA port at say 1280x1024 at 75hz,
> you will need to program both crtcs (crt/display controllers); one for
> each output.  if you just want to use one crtc to drive either the vga
> port or the lcd, there's not really an easy way to use modes beyond
> the capabilites of the attached monitors after X is started.
If i start two x-sessions I can run one on each screen. The one i run in
1024x768 Is on both screens because both screens support it. And the other session
runs 1280x1024 And is only displayed on the external screen. (1280x1024 is not 
supported by the internal screen).
It must be a way to do this but with only one x-session.

Peter Ankerstål.

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