does i915 support have a problem with screens

Kim Schulz kim at
Mon Apr 4 03:08:45 PDT 2005

> > > This is Intel's latest laptop chipset and X.Org have not yet
> > > released a version that supports this chip. The current CVS of
> > > X.Org does support it though. So if you can build from source
> > > you'll get support for your chip.
> > 
> > 
> > Ahh that explains it. I thought that it was covered by the i915
> > kernel module and i810 xorg module combined. 
> It is covered by the same modules, but they've been updated to support
> the i915GM.
> > Is there any special parameters I need to add while compiling ?
> Nope.

so now I got it to compile (missed the libpng3-devel package) but the
output is the same.

See my new Xorg.0.log here:

Any ideas of what is wrong now? 

The xorg.conf is the same as mentioned earlier. 

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