Building 32-bit server on 64-bit system?

Egbert Eich eich at
Sun Apr 3 00:45:35 PST 2005

Ian Romanick writes:
 > Is there a known incantation, short of using a cross-compiler, to build 
 > a 32-bit i386 server on an 64-bit x86-64 system?
 > I tried setting CcCmd (and CplusplusCmd) to "gcc -m32", adding #undef 
 > AMD64Architecture, and adding #define i386Architecture to my hosts.def. 
 >   After copying libfl.a from a 32-bit system to /usr/lib, I can get 
 > things most of the way built.  However, I'm now hitting problems with 
 > the freetype2 and fontconfig libraries.
 > I figure that *someone* must have already gone through this exercise 
 > once by now.

You need to do 'make World BOOTSTARAPCFLAGS=-m32' that will build 
everything 32bit. 
Likewise on Systems that build everything 32bit by default (like
PPC64) you must specify -m64.


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