AIW 9600XT and TV tuner

Ron Petrick rpetrick at
Sat Apr 2 13:23:32 PST 2005


I have an ATI AIW 9600XT card and have been trying to get the TV tuner
working. I've compiled the latest Xorg CVS code, along with the files
and patch from Bug 2778, but testing with avview has resulted in only
partial success. Channels 18, 19, and 58+ seem to tune correctly,
however channels 7-17 and 20-57 all show the same channel (a black and
white version of channel 58). Channels 2-6 only show static and I
don't get sound for any channel. I've checked the channel frequency
list (NTSC, Canada - Rogers cable) and it looks okay.

I've followed the thread about the problems that Scott West was having
with his AIW 9700 Pro, which seem to be similar to the problems I'm
having. I tried making the change to RADEON_TDA9885_Init() (to set
t->vif_agc=0) that worked for him, but that doesn't seem to make any
difference in my case.

Anyway, I was just wondering if anyone has any suggestions or fixes?

Thanks in advance for your help,


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