New X.Org mailing lists are created: xorg-arch and xorg-foundation

Adam Jackson ajax at
Fri Apr 1 08:17:54 PST 2005

On Thursday 17 February 2005 07:10, Mike A. Harris wrote:
> Two new mailing lists have recently been created for the X.Org
> project, on the mailman server:
> X.Org Architecture Board discussion
>      xorg-arch at
> General (non-technical) X.Org Foundation discussion
>      xorg-foundation at
> These lists were recently created on in order
> to migrate the xorg_arch, and xorg_foundation mailing lists
> hosted at by TOG to a modern GNU mailman setup which is
> widely used by most OSS projects.

These were created on February 17, over six weeks ago.  The old 
xorg_arch at list still exists, and is apparently still accepting 
subscriptions, because people have been posting technical support questions 

Could someone with write access to the web site please change the 
Subscribe links on for 
xorg_arch and xorg_foundation to point to

?  It would also be nice if the list descriptions were updated slightly to 
reflect that xorg-arch is for architectural issues concerning the future 
direction of Xorg and that technical support questions should go to 
xorg at fd.o.


- ajax
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