[Xorg] Re: Xfree86 4.4 vs Xorg Wrap-up

Daniel Stone daniels at debian.org
Fri Mar 26 22:23:02 PST 2004

On Fri, Mar 26, 2004 at 07:44:49AM -0500, Francois Isabelle wrote:
> Is that what's happening ?
> 1 - XFree86 changed licensing, which introduced some GPL compatibility
> issues and some deviations to debian DFSG(debian free software
> guidelines).
> 2 - Some are arguing that the new licensing is NOT GPL incompatible, but
> nobody argues that it is not deviating from DFSG
> 3 - Xorg forked XFree86 due to these licensing considerations
> 4 - Debian will NOT include XFree86 4.4 components 
> 5 - Other Linux's distributions MIGTH include Xfree86 4.4
> 6 - Other Linux's distributions WILL include Xorg
> 7 - Debian MIGHT include Xorg, MIGHT include XFree86 4.4 in non-free or
> similar

Debian will include freedesktop.org's xlibs/xserver/et al, assuming
nothing spectacular happens.

> 8 - End users / developpers / distribution packagers WILL end up
> confused, free software activist will end up frustrated and I WILL NOT
> understand why this FORK took place anyway.

It's quite simple: XFree86 made their software unsustainable with the
new license.

> 	- I'm not sure they have sufficient resources to provide the quality
> level we've come to expect from the XFree86 team.

I think they have better resources than XFree86.

> 	- I think a FORK is a really bad thing especially on projects
> that large, how can contributors enhance BOTH projects... wasted work I
> beleive.

That's your opinion.

> 	- Even if free software is taking up over proprietary stuff, there are
> external forces that are hitting free software day after day, why MUST
> the free software community hit itself from the INSIDE ?

I don't know. Ask those who decided to change the licence.

> Please, correct me if I'm wrong. But don't spend too much time on point
> '8' , I know I'm right about this one.

OK, I won't bother arguing. Saves me time anyway.

And the disk-space issue is fixed.

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