[Xorg] Re: 64-bit applications and hostnames that start with a digi

Kaleb S. KEITHLEY kaleb at gw.keithley.org
Thu Mar 25 07:58:29 PST 2004

>> Jim probably wrote it -- 20 years ago -- for all we know. ;-)

> I wrote it over Christmas break between X11R6-alpha and X11R6-beta. I 
> think that puts it in the '94-'95 time frame.
> I wrote it to clean up all of the transport related code that Jim 
> probably wrote 20 years ago 8-)

Oh yeah, now I remember (I wasn't looking at the code, so I didn't realize we were talking about xtrans). FWIW we shipped R6 April 15, 1994.

The web was in its infancy then -- two or three years old, IIRC. Even if there were URL parsers then, they probably still wouldn't have dealt with leading digits in names because that's new in the last couple of years.



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