[Xorg] Re: X Event Interception Extension docs are on the WIKI

Keith Packard keithp at keithp.com
Tue Mar 23 19:58:59 PST 2004

Around 19 o'clock on Mar 23, Stuart Kreitman wrote:

> Currently these docs are readonly, but we should migrate them to a cvs
> database as changes get applied.

Hey, looks like you've got an extension that I need to make Composite more 
useful with transformed windows.  Right now, the compositing manager has 
to be very careful about drawing windows right where the window system 
thinks they belong or pointer events don't get sent to the right place.

Something that just redirects mouse and/or keyboard events through an
external agent before they're processed seems ideal.  However, I've got an
additional problem -- root coordinates may not correctly identify the
target window if the windows overlap in X space but not in the presentation
(think exposé).  

I've been puzzling over this for a while and I think the solution is for
the mapped event to be directed at a specific hierarchy instead of always 
at the root window; DIX could look at the Window in the event and use that 
as the start of the search instead of starting at the root.  I think
the changes to support this in DIX are relatively minor; no changes will 
be needed below that level.

Secondarily, I'll need to allow redirection even when a server grab is in
progress (or mouse events will be completely wrong).  We may need to make
the input manager (and composting manager) immune to server grabs. Doesn't
matter to me if this is in Composite or XEvIE as I'll need both extensions
in any case.


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