[Xorg] X.org CVS branches need to change

Keith Packard keithp at keithp.com
Tue Mar 16 06:50:31 PST 2004

Around 13 o'clock on Mar 16, Egbert Eich wrote:

> I'm a little bit confused as I thought the plan was to have ongoing
> development in HEAD while cutting a branch for a release.

Yes, you're exactly right. I must not have described that clearly enough.

> > I don't know if any changes have been applied to XORG-CURRENT or 
> > XORG-STABLE yet, if so, we should review them to see if they're suitable 
> > for inclusion in the release or not, and merge those which are onto HEAD.
> > 
> Hmmmm, we are loosing sight of our original goal.

No, I really don't know who's been working on those branches and what 
their intentions were.  If they weren't release related, then we'll have 
to pend merging those until after we branch for the initial release.

I'll do some poking about to see if I can't figure things out.


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