[Xorg] [Bug 269] [Tracker bug] Pick up un-merged driver fixes from xfree86 bugzilla

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Thu Mar 11 18:15:08 PST 2004


mharris at www.linux.org.uk changed:

           What    |Removed                     |Added
            Summary|Pick up un-merged driver    |[Tracker bug] Pick up un-
                   |fixes from xfree86 bugzilla |merged driver fixes from
                   |                            |xfree86 bugzilla

------- Additional Comments From mharris at www.linux.org.uk  2004-03-11 18:15 -------
The problem with having 40 bug reports all in one bug report, is that you
can't fix "just one issue" and then close the bug "FIXED", because there
are 39 other problems still open.  That makes it difficult to impossible
for anyone reading the report to know which of the 40 bugs reported all in
one report have been fixed and are closed, or are still open.  Even if
one updated the comments one at a time as they were investigated, you
end up with a very very long single bug report and have to manually parse
the whole report to figure out which bugs are fixed/open/etc.  There is no
per-issue tracking.

I think many of the issues look interesting for consideration once the
first release is out the door, but no new features should be added IMHO
unless it is very very small, and very obvious that there is no regression

I've changed the summary to add the word [Tracker], so that when individual
bug reports get filed later on for the above, they can block this tracker.
Individual reports can be considered to block bug 213 also.

Hope this helps.

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