[Xorg] [Bug 221] xft in xfree86 is very stale

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Wed Mar 10 01:57:50 PST 2004


------- Additional Comments From eich at pdx.freedesktop.org  2004-03-10 01:57 -------
OK, I've played around with Xft 2.1.3. It requires FC_HINT_STYLE defined
somewhere. OK, it should be in a file fontconfig.h which does not exist
in the version of fontconfig.h.
Since Xft does not work with the version of fontconfig in the monolithic tree
I cannot upgrade unless I upgrade fontconfig - which I don't want to do.

This brings up a problem with the modular build: One needs to have the latest 
and greatest bits installed on the system to have a consistent build
environment. If you pull at one end you'll have to update everything else. This
may not always
be feasable. The configure scripts don't do a good enough job to determine if
the installed version is suitable. Instead they leave the user with the compile
error wondering why the tree doesn't build.
Before we can move over to modular bits I think a major cleanup of the autotool
process has to take place where such tings get fixed.

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