[Xorg] [Bug 248] Update Mesa sources to Mesa 6

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Thu Mar 4 10:27:20 PST 2004


------- Additional Comments From michel at daenzer.net  2004-03-04 10:27 -------
> In the future, the Mesa project will be putting the DRI drivers into the
> Mesa tree, 

As Alex said, the drivers are already in Mesa CVS, but the Mesa tree can't build
GLX direct rendering capable libGL and drivers yet. The canonical source of that
code is still the DRI tree, though hopefully it'll move to Mesa or its own
module at some point as well.

> and so an in-monolithic-tree Mesa will not be required any longer,

Mesa is also still needed for the server-side GLX support.

Also beware that the DRI drivers haven't been fully adapted to Mesa 6 yet;
what's in XFree86 4.4 may actually be a better base for a release right now.

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